Become a sponsor

An open source community does not work like commercial editor and does not receive any licenses fees from its development efforts. An open source community is an ecosystem which needs attention and support. Thanks to OpenESB user’s services purchases, this ecosystem is feed and we are able to find resources and budget for our infrastructure server and various services. However, like any other open source communities, we need sponsoring to design, develop test and implement new OpenESB features.

Sponsoring is a win-win deal between a community and a company or any other organisation interested in funding and investing in our project. It provides the community with resources, time, budget and perspectives and the sponsor with great benefits in term of notoriety, OpenESB knowledge and teams motivation.

Improve your image, be memorable and attractive

OpenESB has a high technology image. By associating your company with OpenESB you pursue the creation of high value to the IT community. Your brand will be clearly setting has an active actor in the highly technologic project. Your company becomes attractive for high level developers and high quality people who could significantly improve teams’ efficiency and excellence.

Motivate your teams

We propose our sponsors the opportunity to take part of our projects and for Gold sponsors to lead and manage part of OpenESB sub projects. These experiences motivate the developers and project managers, give them the opportunity to be recognized and known as efficient professionals and get out from the daily work. Our experience shows that being part of an open source project dramatically improves development teams’ motivation and cohesion.

Sponsor development effort and participate to a project for improving OpenESB

  • You bear OpenESB support directly by sponsoring bundle of in-house development days. Objectives, agenda, activity report are communicated to our sponsor.
  • You are interested in a particular community sub project or in OpenESB improvements, you can dedicate your support to this objective. In a close partnership with your in-house architects and developers we fix the targets, objectives, agenda and resources dedicated to your project. Objectives, agenda, activity report are communicated to our sponsor.
  • Your teams take part of an OpenESB sub project and dedicate days to achieve to design develop implement and test the project. In relationship with our committer, you are trained to our development platform; with project managers you fix the project objectives and the agenda. That is an outstanding opportunity for your developers to learn and use OpenESB development infrastructure

Sponsor Recognition

Three sponsor levels (gold, silver and bronze) are available and evaluate the effort made by the sponsor for the community. A gold sponsoring represents the equivalent of more than 50 development days per year on OpenESB projects. A silver sponsoring represents the equivalent of more than 25 development days per year on OpenESB projects. A bronze sponsoring represents the equivalent of more than 15 development days per year on OpenESB projects.

OpenESB sponsoring can be a classical donation but it can be design, development and test days provided by you or your team. Also, it can be time dedicated to documentation, translation, marketing, design or events organisation. Our sponsoring scope is large, not essentially focused on donation and accurate from single developers to very large companies. For further detail on “How can I support OpenESB project” please contact us here

To provide our sponsors an opportunity to be recognized and memorable in our community:

Your logo and your company details are placed on our sponsors page
You get the sponsor badge for your web site
Joint press release on your company and OpenESB community relationship will be issued

please feel to contact us for more detail on sponsoring here